Lucas Banks

15 year PGA Member looking to build confident golfers on and off the course.  Taking students on the golf course to learn the game is a vital part of improving your golf game and often overlooked in practice.  My programing allows for golfers to test their skills in a real world environment without the perfect lies of the driving range. 

Terri W.
Long Time Coach
I started working with Lucas several years ago. I was self taught and had a lot to work on. He has made such a positive influence on my game. He not only helps improve your golf game but he has also helped me gain a greater confidence in my abilities. He believes no two people learn the same way or at the same pace. He takes the time to get to know you and tailors lessons to an individual’s needs rather than making you learn just one type of swing. He is very professional, patient and enthusiastic. He loves the game of golf but more importantly his passion is his love to teach golfers of all ages and ability how to play better. Thanks for all you’ve done for me and my game.
Andrea S.
Coach Lucas
My son has been a working with Lucas at Skybrook golf for over 6 months now. We have enjoyed watching our son have fun as well as grow as a golfer. Lucas has a great way of working with kids and young adults to strengthen their skills on the course. We are very pleased with the program and over all experience thus far.
Clay C.
Junior Golfer
Lucas's commitment to teaching golf to youth and desire to see them develop and succeed has made an immense impact on our son's growth as a golfer. He truly cares about the kids, wants them to succeed, takes the time to make sure they do, and supports them throughout the process. Definitely appreciate all the time and energy he has put into this program and our son and heartily recommend him to anyone who is considering golf lessons.
Angie C.
Coach Lucas
Lucas is truly amazing! Our son’s golf game has improved so much in the past year of working with Lucas. We have experience with him for group lessons, 1 on 1 lessons, the junior league and interclub. He’s wonderful at making connections with the kids and my son adores him. Lucas is easy to communicate with and is very in depth when giving you a report of how your child is doing. I can’t recommend him enough!!!
Ashley F.
Ashley F.
Coach review
I have two juniors who have taken lessons and participated in junior league, interclub, and tournaments that Lucas manages. The programs that Lucas offers are unparalleled. My daughter is particularly interested in golf and has gone from a 15 handicap to a 5 handicap in one year under Lucas’ instruction. He’s catered lessons to meet her specific needs including on course instruction and how to prepare for tournaments. He truly cares about his students and that they reach their goals and has gone above and beyond for our family.